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Truffle Temptation

Our melting, mouthwatering chocolate truffles are the treat you can still manage to eat at the end of the Christmas feast.

According to legend the chocolate truffle began life in the 1920s as one of its happier accidents – the result of a mistake made in the kitchen of France’s greatest culinary giant, Auguste Escoffier. 

It’s said that as one of the master chef’s assistants attempted to make pastry filling he poured hot cream over a bowl of broken chocolate pieces rather than the sugar-and-egg mix he’d intended. As the mixture hardened Escoffier discovered he could work the resulting paste into little balls, which he then rolled in coco-powder, and in that moment the chocolate truffle (named for its resemblance to the highly prized edible fungus) was born. 

Whatever the truth behind this story, the chocolate and cream mixture known as ganache forms the essential heart of the chocolate truffle, and there’s no denying that these coated balls of pleasure, with their crisp exterior shells and silkily soft insides, have become synonymous with a little luxurious festive indulgence. 

Like so many of the best things in life, truffles are not complicated, but getting them right is a matter of pure finesse. Ganache itself is simple to make, in as much as it requires only three ingredients; chocolate, butter and double cream. 

However the butter must be perfectly softened and the cream heated to just a fraction below its boiling point, before being poured over broken shards of the best quality chocolate (one high in cocoa solids) and gently stirred. The secret of the chocolatier is to know the exact ratio of cream to chocolate and butter required to confect the optimum, velvety smooth ganache. 

Maws assorted chocolate truffles offer some of the very finest of these sweet treats available, featuring an array of irresistible flavour combinations devised by expert confectioners with truly sinful imaginations. From velvety pink champagne centers to mouth-watering caramel, sophisticated cappuccino, or mouth-warming rum, each truffle is delectably enrobed in sumptuous milk, white or dark chocolate and ready to chocolate-lover’s Christmas dreams come true...

 Assorted Filled Chocolate Truffles available 1 x 144 per pack