Why we recommend Veliche™ Gourmet as the premium chocolate for professional confectioners and pâtissiers. 

With a catering supply inventory now encompassing several thousand items, from antipasti to antibacterial sanitiser, it’s sometimes easy to forget that Maws began life by supplying just one product; chocolate. 

However, the specialist, premium quality chocolate that we supply exclusively to some of the UK’s most talented confectioners and patisserie chefs provided the cornerstone for creating the Maws of today, and we firmly believe that both the range of specialist patisserie products and expertise we’ve accumulated in this field over the last 30 years, allows us to offer a unique service, unmatched by many other whole food sales companies. 

To this end we remain as dedicated as ever to sourcing and endorsing the very best products this specialist luxury sector has to offer, which is why, since its launch we’ve be proud to recommend and supply Veliche™ Gourmet’s superlative chocolate range. The benefits, as you’ll soon discover, are clear. 

Hitting The Sweet Spot 

As a brand with a reputation for working the humble cocoa bean into the highest-quality chocolate, Veliche™ Gourmet is a chocolate brand with a strong heritage in producing some of the finest chocolate in Belgium, or the rest of the world. Rich in character and complex in flavour, yet remarkably workable and 100% sustainable, Veliche Gourmet has been created specifically to meet the meticulous standards and requirements of leading artisan confectioners and professional chefs. 

Essentially however, the Veliche™ Gourmet range has been developed to deliver that rich and unmistakable Belgian chocolate taste, and It’s a process that begins with the companies crop research teams scouring over half-a-million kilometers of the worlds cocoa growing regions annually to discover the best quality beans grown by co-operatives and small local producers. 

These beans are then transformed within Europe’s most modern production facility to create a range of easily melted chocolate dots with varying profiles based on the delicate balance between factors such as the percentage of cocoa solid, sweetness, acidity, bitterness and milk content - so that whether you’re working with Veliche™ Gourmet’s bitter chocolate, milk or white, you can be confident that every confection will be rich with Belgian chocolate perfection. 

A Product Of The Right Environment 

The goodness of Veliche™ Gourmet’s chocolate products comes from the ground up, by beginning with cocoa beans that are entirely sourced Rainforest Alliance Certified Farms. These farms have all undergone evaluation to ensure they meet rigorous standards that enable conservation of biodiversity and natural resources as well as continuously improving the living standards and wellbeing of their workers. 

Furthermore, the cocoa beans used in all Veliche™ Gourmet products are predominantly grown in West Africa (in Ghana and The Ivory Coast), to ensure a quality product that benefits from stable characteristics and consistency of flavour, having been grown in one region. 

Meanwhile Veliche™ Gourmet’s parent company Cargill continues to follow through on its pledge to eliminate deforestation in all five origin countries for cocoa production (Ghana, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Indonesia and Brazil) with a commitment to convert no further forest land for cocoa farming. 

The Product Of A Shared Passion 

The Veliche™ brand is equally dedicated to providing high performance ingredients ready to match the creative demands of professional artisans in this field, and at an affordable price, offering Belgian chocolate and chocolate couverture (exceptional quality chocolate with the highest levels of cocoa butter) with an outstanding sensorial profile that brings a full, smooth and superior taste. 

The brand’s attributes are a direct result of a process of collaboration with a host of leading patisserie chefs and artisan confectioners, who’s experience and expertise, preferences and predilections, have generated invaluable input, allowing Veliche Gourmet to create a chocolate range with a unique profile, one that combines high quality with maximum utility. 

The Veliche Gourmet range is suitable for every application, and remarkably workable, thanks to an optimal melting curve that helps produce the right viscosity to ensure perfect results for the professional artisan, whether creating bakery products, pastries, desserts, ice cream, ganache, pralines or mousses. 

With a range that includes bitter dark, bitter-sweet dark, milk and white chocolate in convenient 12mm dots, as well as bake stable chunks and batons Veliche Gourmet provide ingredients ready to match the talent and imagination of the world’s most skilled professionals. 


For more information on all the products we supply in the Veliche™ Gourmet range, call one of our expert advisors on 01580 755390