Terrine Genie

Terrine Genie

Terrines by France’s world-leading makers Rougie provide a true slice of luxury. 

Aside from flavour, it could be argued that the beauty of a good terrine is the way in which it spans the culinary spectrum by being satisfyingly rustic and honest yet with and air of elegance and sophistication. 

A well-made terrine has, appropriately enough for a native dish of France, a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’, delivered via the simple but brilliant alchemy of pork fat, game, forcemeat and spices, a taste true of the earth that can be elevated to sublime heights by using the right, high-quality meats alongside a palette of carefully chosen companion ingredients, whether it be fruit, herbs, wild mushrooms or chestnuts, Champagne or Armagnac. 

Perfect as a light lunch, an evening starter, or as part of a buffet, a good terrine makes a welcome addition to any menu, and can be served hot or cold with little more necessary accompaniment than good toast and cornichons or a crisp green salad. 

Cool Food for Hot Weather

Cool Food for Hot Weather

What you choose to serve can have a dramatic effect on warm summer days

In weather like this it certainly doesn’t hurt to take a few dietary tips from our neighbours in warmer countries bordering Mediterranean, not to mention the advice of some nutritionists who’ve recently compiled a ‘does and don’ts’ list of what to enjoy and what to avoid on your plate when things get hot. 

According to experts, tucking into watermelon, turmeric and reducing the carbohydrates and protein in your diet are all sure-fire ways to create dishes that help customers beat the heat. 

Blackthorn Sea Salt

Blackthorn Sea Salt Available in 120g & 240g Retail Boxes and 1.4KG Catering Tubs

Blackthorn Master Salter Gregorie has lived and breathed salt since day 1 as his family has been involved in all things salt for 5 generations.

By an uncanny twist of fate, just as Ayrshire’s last remaining salt pans were becoming redundant, Gregorie’s great, great grandfather founded his family business. They soon became the UK specialists in all things salt. A helpful background for Gregorie when finally, in 2019, he was able to realise his long-held dream to reignite Scottish salt-making on the Ayrshire coast and Blackthorn Salt was born.

It was not a simple journey though, Gregorie came across the impressive graduation towers in Poland and Germany back in 2007. Although those thorn towers haven’t produced any food salt for over 50 years, Gregorie was inspired by the practicality, naturalness and beauty of the process.

Summer Spice

Summer Spice

Introducing some of our favourite herb and spice mixes for perfectly seasoning the summer season. 

At Maws we stock a truly comprehensive array of over 150 different dried herbs and spices cultivated and collected from every corner of the globe, not to mention classic blends, from Herbs du Provence to Garam Masala. 

As we mentioned in our previous blog, pre-making your favourite spice mixes is great way to save precious time in a commercial kitchen, and we’d like to share some more unusual blends from around the culinary world, all of which we’re convinced will become ‘go-to’ summertime staples whether you’re grilling or stewing, marinating or barbecuing. 

Ras el Hanout 

Burger Kings

Burger Kings

Our tasty toppings and scrumptious sides promise burger success on the barbecue 

As the mercury keeps rising we thought we’d take a moment in the shade to remind you of our extensive array of tasty toppings and scrumptious sides, all guaranteed to ensure burger success on the barbecue this summer.
The first decent English summer in years seems set for weeks to come, and if the St George’s Cross colour schemes of scorched flesh and strap-marks aren’t providing sufficient confirmation of the unprecedented warmth, there’s also a definite scent of wood-smoke in the air, as a host of pubs and restaurants take service al-fresco by firing up the barbecue.
The Cream of Teas

The Cream of Teas

A proper cream tea is one of summer’s indispensable indulgences, and Maws are pleased to provide every mouth-watering component; from crumbly scones, sticky fruit jam, and lashings of clotted cream to a perfectly brewed pot of tea. 

It’s hard to believe weren’t always a nation of tea-drinkers, but until Catherine of Braganza arrived from Portugal with a casket of tea to marry Charles II in 1662, and established a ‘tea court’ for her noble ladies, the ‘Chinese drink’ as Samuel Pepys described it two years earlier, had been virtually ignored in Britain since the first green variety had arrived from Japan via The Dutch East India Co. in 1610. 

Today we consume 60.2 billion cups annually (making us the third largest tea-drinking nation, just behind Turkey and The Irish Republic). Moreover, since being adopted by Lady Bedford in 1830 the English tradition of ‘Afternoon Tea’, to fill the peckish gap between lunch and supper, has become a cultural institution recognised around the world. And when it comes to proper, greedily indulgent afternoon tea, many of us would argue against the finger sandwiches and candy-coloured macaroons, preferring to cut straight to the main event of fruit scones, jam and cream. 

One Step Beyond

One Step Beyond Introducing the amazing range of ‘meatless-meat’ products

ntroducing the amazing range of ‘meatless-meat’ products from pioneering creators Beyond Meat. 

It’s not all that long ago that vegetarianism in the UK was still regarded as unusual, and veganism was considered by many to be almost freakishly extreme. So it’s fair to say that opinions and lifestyles have changed radically in the past few years, and are continuing to do so at such a pace that the crucial tipping point has been reached, as the biggest food retailers begin to realise the significance of catering for the meat-free market. 

Last year Waitrose introduced a dedicated vegan section in more than 130 shops, frozen food specialists Iceland reported sales of its plant-based foodstuffs rising by 10% over the last year, while fast-food giants Burger King and McDonalds and high street chains such as Greggs, all raced to add meatless-meat options to their repertoire. 

Which just goes to show there’s no substitute for a meaty statistic. Over the past two years the proportion of Britons who’ve eaten meat substitutes has risen from under half to almost two-thirds (65%). This goes a l

Fish for Complements

Fish for Complements

Versatile and delicious, John Ross Jr.’s traditional Scottish smoked salmon is the Christmas treat for one and all. 

When faced with the annual challenge of delivering special seasonal meals while the fussiest of kids and the pickiest of grandparents are all seated around the same dining tables – who hasn’t reached for the smoked salmon to create dishes guaranteed to please everyone? 

In commercial kitchens and domestic homes alike, smoked salmon has become the way to begin the day at the champagne breakfast, save the starter at Christmas Dinner, and ace the canapes at the evening drinks party. 

With this in mind, it’s fair to say that in recent years smoked salmon has become something of a victim of its own success. Over the decades, a delicacy that was once the preserve of the elite has become a supermarket staple, available for under a fiver yet sadly now devoid of its former luxury and glamour. 

Enter Polenta

Enter Polenta

Too often ignored in northern Europe, polenta is the perfect ingredient for tasty, inexpensive and filling winter meals.

Of the countless Italian-origin products that have become staples on British supermarket shelves over the past decades, polenta is undoubtedly both the most underused and misunderstood, and many who enthusiastically embrace pasta, pesto and pizza still view polenta with a outright suspicion. 

But once you’ve got your head around the different kinds of polenta – and the fact that you don’t just have to serve it as a pile of gluey mush - you might just fall in love with its versatility and pastoral charm. Still not convinced? Then read on…. 

Flour Power

Flour Power

A major emerging trend for restaurants in 2019 is offering artisan breads made in-house. Our ranges of speciality flour provide the perfect head start

It might be as old as farming itself, but bread and bread making has just had a whole page devoted to it in Facebook’s 2019 Topics & Trends Report. Bread, it appears, is back, although for many of us the simple pleasure of this carbohydrate-rich confection, never left. 

Nevertheless, Facebook credits the latest bread trend to a surge in food start-ups embracing baking, a rise in restaurants once again making bread in-house and, as the report states; ‘alternative flours seeing a rise in interest, as people have become more interested in spelt, rice flour, popular earlier this year, and even ancient grains, such as einkorn wheat.’