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The Maws Chocolate Guide Part 2

Moulding The Future

The cocoa bean’s come a long way in it 1000-year history, but many of the finest chocolate-makers today employ the same traditional techniques and recipes. We’d like to explain precisely why theirs is the chocolate we prefer to sell. 

After sugar and coffee, chocolate is the world’s most exported foodstuff. Consumed during the rituals of ancient civilizations, used as army rations, taken by astronauts into outer space, and simply enjoyed by millions each day, chocolate continues to make our lives richer and sweeter. 

Over the past centuries, working with chocolate has developed into a culinary art form, practiced by chocolatiers and patisserie chefs dedicated to confecting evermore imaginative and delicious treats. 

This is the quest that generates the on-going demand for chocolate of increasing quality and versatility - and a history of answering these demands has earned several chocolate companies an international reputation for industry-leading excellence. It’s the products sourced from these companies that you’ll find supplied at Maws. 


Cacao Barry® 

When Charles Barry travelled to Africa in 1842 seeking plantation space to produce and harvest a carefully selected array of cocoa beans, he inadvertently became one of the world’s first true chocolate connoisseurs. He also established a 175-year legacy of cocoa production that saw his company expand into Latin America while perfecting the art of transforming raw natural ingredients into the most refined and delicate cocoa and chocolate products. Specialists in developing products to assist the best patisserie chefs, Cacoa Barry were the first brand to introduce moulds for craftsmen and to supply them with chocolate in conveniently shaped Pistoles™. More recently Cocoa Barry’s, 21st century innovations include the launch of their highly regarded Plantation Range, offering chocolate sourced from beans grown on a single plantation, allowing each to delivering its own unique aromatic notes and flavour.


Belgium's association with chocolate goes back as far as 1635, established while the country was under Spanish occupation, when historic ties with central Africa and it’s early cocoa plantations were first established. Today, chocolate forms a fundamental part of both Belgium’s economy and culture, Callebaut’s Finest Belgian Chocolate continues to be created from the finest sustainable beans grown in West Africa and crafted in one of Belgium’s oldest cocoa roasteries. Founded over a century ago, Callabaut produce some of the world’s very best couverture chocolate (an exceptionally high-quality chocolate that contains a higher percentage of cocoa butter (32–39%). This, in conjunction with with expert tempering, gives the chocolate more sheen, a firmer "snap" when broken, and a creamy mellow flavor – not to mention the improved workability demanded by the world’s best chocolatiers. 


The international food producers and suppliers began selling grain in in Wyoming back in 1865, trading with the simple premise of giving customers what they need and farmers a fair deal. The company’s commitment to responsibility and sustainability in food production saw them diversify into the cocoa sector nearly 50 years ago, and the sustainable supply chain model they have since established ‘The Cargill Cocoa Promise’, continues to improve the livelihood and living standards of farmers and their communities in five different countries around the world. Maws are proud to supply the fruits of this promise, including Cargill’ plain bitter 72% chocolate and white chocolate. 

Veliche™ Gourmet 

Veliche™ Gourmet is a well-established chocolate brand within the Kingdom of Belgium, with a heritage and a reputation for producing fine quality chocolate that’s rich in character and complex in flavour, yet remarkably workable. Their first step in delivering quality to artisans and chefs begins with an extensive presence in origin countries. From hundreds of cocoa farms around the world, integrated supply chain and production process ensures all the ingredients used by Veliche™ Gourmet are always of the highest quality. Meanwhile every step of the journey, from sourcing the best beans to producing exquisite Belgian chocolate, is overseen by a team of experts dedicated to satisfying the artisans’ demand for workable chocolate with that famous Belgian texture and taste.

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