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Introducing Stephens delectable Ardennes, Brussels and Chicken Liver Pates 

Since their establishment in 1974, Stephens Fresh Foods have built an enviable reputation for manufacturing the highest quality cooked meats, produced each and every day within their BRC accredited factory in the heart of the Garden of England.  

Maws are now thrilled to offer three classic meat products produced to Stephens superlative standards; their finest chicken liver, Ardennes and Brussels recipe pates. 

A toast to taste 

There are few culinary pleasures as simple of satisfying as a slice of rich pate generously spread over hot buttered toast or a fresh crusty baguette, and that has remained the case since the early middle-ages, where you’ll find pates swiftly taking root in rural cuisines of northern and central Europe. 

During this period pate became a staple of the larder of farmers and other dwellers in the countryside or ‘Campagne’, where livestock, poultry and game were raised and slaughtered or hunted on a regular basis. Here pate (which is rough translation of the French for paste) became an economical an d flavoursome way of using every edible inch of the slaughtered animal, and today at least a quarter of the populations of France and Belgium still enjoy this mixture of ground meat, fat and savoury herbs and spices (often alongside a generous dash of port wine or sherry, historically for good health) at least once a week.

Chicken Liver Pate 

Smooth and velvety, rich with butter and a tang of cognac to balance out the naturally dark bitter savouriness of chicken liver, this pate when made correctly can taste every bit as luxurious and delicious as foie-gras. 

Stephens chicken liver pate is made using a popular recipe direct from the Fields of Flanders in northern France, where they know thing or two about making sumptuous liver-based pates and terrines. 

Ardennes Pate 

Arguably the world’s most famous rough pate. Named after the forested region, predominantly spans Belgium and northern France, where it originated, this rustic mixture of chopped pork liver, meat and fat is lightly spiced and seasoned with peppercorns for subtle piquancy. 

Slow baked to deliver amazing depth of flavour, this delicious and consistent classic continues to delight again and again. 

Brussels Pate 

This smooth and creamy pale-pink pork liver pate is the one most people imagine when they hear the word, and it’s famous flavour remains a favourite across the whole of northern Europe. 

This authentic and traditional recipe is certain to satisfy, and perfect when served spread onto a thin, crisp slice of Melba toast. 

All of Stephens pates are manufactured to the highest specification using authentic recipes in a state of the art factory Belgian, the spiritual home of pate making. 

All pates are available from Maws in attractively presented 1kg loaves and 1.7kg loaves.