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Pasta Masters

Welcome to our sumptuous new pasta range from La Tua. 

To trace the history of pasta is to follow the rise of civilisation spanning the globe, through Asia, The Middle East, Europe and beyond. Did it develop from the noodles consumed in China since the East Han Dynasty at least 4000 years ago? Possibly. Was it brought back from China by Italian merchant explorer Marco Polo? Probably not. 

The history of pasta may be as tangled as a generous bowl of tagliatelle, but there’s no doubt that pasta continuing popularity stems from the fact that this basic combination of eggs, flour and water is simply delicious. Further more few would argue that any nation has done more in the development and refinement of pasta than the Italians, who, over the past four-hundred years have elevated pasta creation into a cultural art form. 

Although initially a foodstuff consumed by the wealthy elite and members of the Italian Jewish community during the 17th century, by the 18th century pasta had become a mainstay of the broader Italian diet. As each region developed its own unique versions, the array of quills, corkscrews, strands, twists and curls expanded to encompass the some 350 different pasta varieties currently consumed. 

Today fresh pasta is enjoyed all around the world, as over the years many migrating Italians have discovered their regional favourites being embraced by new communities with equal enthusiasm. 

Pasta perfection 

A perfect instance of this international pasta propagation can be attributed to Francesco and Caroline Boggian, who set up La Tua Pasta in London back in 2006. Starting as a small family-run business, their aim was simple; to create delicious fresh Pasta that restaurant chefs would be as proud to serve as if they had created it themselves. 

Realising this ambition has seen the company go from strength to strength over the past decade – but achieving this level of excellence consistently takes effort, care and attention as well as natural know-how. 

Fortunately the team at La Tua share the kind of passion for pasta that can’t help but deliver the perfect product. In their kitchen a team of expert chefs cook every the whole range of fillings every using premium fresh ingredients, most of which are sourced directly from Italy. 

In order to provide the most authentic product possible La Tua certainly never use preservatives or colourants, furthermore the company don’t actually hold any pasta in stock, preferring instead to make every new batch of pasta fresh overnight. 

On their production site, a second professional team deftly incorporate all of their fresh-made filing into a dazzling variety of pasta shapes. Thanks to the high values of their production ethos, La Tua are a BRC certified company and fully accredited to the Craft Guild of Chefs. The methods they use to create their pasta products have also helped them achieve a ‘Zero Waste To Landfill’ accolade, awarded by ACM Environmental during 2015. 

The shape of things to come… 

With a pasta pedigree as impressive as this, Maws a delighted to have just begun supplying some of La Tua’s tastiest and freshest pasta treats. Although there are many hundreds of uniquely shaped pasta varieties found today, nearly all have been fashioned to serve a common; catching and retaining as much delicious sauce as possible. 

Ravioli and tortellini however are the two exceptions to this general rule, being pastas that are stuffed with a variety of delicious fillings (although the earliest accounts of ravioli traditionally contained a filling of ricotta cheese and turnip greens). 

These stuffed pastas showcase just what lengths La Tua’s team go to in their quest to replicate the authentic fresh taste of Italy. La Tua’s chefs begin every morning Every morning at 5am by shopping in their local vegetable market: London’s prestigious New Covent Market. It is there, for instance, that they buy fresh beetroots for oven roasting later that day. It’s hard work but the difference in flavour let’s you know it’s worth it. 

La Tual also source many vegetables from specific regions of Italy in order to deliver an authentic Italian taste. Their pumpkins are sourced from a local farmer in the North-East of Italy and their cheeses, such as Ricotta, juicy Fiordilatte Mozzarella, Gorgonzola and creamy Robiola, are all supplied direct from their native land. 

Incorporating so many of these mouth-watering ingredients, Maws are now proud to supply La Tua’s Vegan Artichoke Ravioli (a Great Taste Award Winner in 2017), their fresh Asparagus Tortelloni, light and tangy Pea & Mint Tortellini and sumptuous Beetroot & Goat Cheese Ravioli, delivering a flush of vegetarian flavours sure to make you dream of Mediterranean climes. News Story Content