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Life Of Pie

A joy to make and a delight to eat, there’s little in the culinary world that provides so much simple satisfaction as a pie, and few understand this better than local producers Kentish Mayde.

They didn’t name Kent ‘The Garden of England’ without good reason, and like all the finest gardens, the county’s produce is both diverse and bountiful. 

This extends beyond the plentiful offerings of field and orchard, to include the varied range of livestock that roams them, the many breeds of pig, cattle and sheep that have thrived here for centuries. 

 Today, much of this traditional abundance can be found contained within moist and crumbling pastry, packed inside the mouth-watering savoury creations of award-winning local pie-makers Kentish Mayde. 

Founded in 2001, this family run business supplies the finest quality pastry products to the retail catering and wholesale markets, and over the intervening years their winning combination of top-notch regional ingredients, craftsmanship and creative flair has helped Kentish Mayde notch-up over twenty separate British Pie awards. 

Capitalising on their justified success, the company have expanded their offering in recent years, which now includes pies in five different sizes, savoury open tarts and quiches, and specialty pork pies. 

With delicious fillings encompassing classics such as Chicken & Bacon and Steak & Ale, to equally appetizing vegetarian alternatives like Spinach & Mushroom and Roast Vegetable with Sweet Potato, it’s little wonder that their produce flies from the shelves of local farmshops as quickly as it does from the hot counters at Premiership Football clubs. 

Meanwhile those seeking a little more adventure within the parameters of their pie can experiment with fillings from the more creative side of the company’s repertoire, such as Smoked Haddock & Spinach or Chicken, Brie & Cranberry.

Filled with care 

There’s no doubt that the markets currently demanding produce from Kentish Mayde are almost as varied as the products they create, but behind the diversity of their ranges, one aspect of Kentish Mayde’s business has remained unaltered over the past sixteen years – the traditional methods and professional rigour with which everything they supply is made. 

To ensure their standards of quality were met and maintained from the outset, Kentish Mayde continue to employ a ‘hands-on’ approach to every part of the process. 

Within their premises on the outskirts of the idyllic village of Biddenden, the company not only make seven different types of pastry for their pies, puddings, slices and tarts, they also employ their own team of experienced butchers, butchering all the meat used on-site to make certain that only the choicest cuts are included in their fillings. 

This ensures the quality of the company’s pies is maintained at their own personal standards of excellence, while also guaranteeing that, regardless of the scale of demand, the products the company delivers are always truly homemade. 

At the same time, the surrounding Kent countryside provides both the larder and the inspiration for so much of what makes the company’s produce special, from the splash of famous Biddenden cider added to one particular range of hand raised pork pies, to the tangy, applewood smoked cheese found in others. 

As a wholesale food supplier who’ve built our own reputation on providing the quality products meticulously sourced from the finest local producers, Maws are delighted to now offer mini-pies, savoury tarts, quiches and pork pies created by the family of culinary craftsmen and women at Kentish Mayde. 

For more details on the products from Kentish Mayde that we currently supply take a look at our online brochure. For more information on Kentish made visit