Accessibility Policy

Internet users with disabilities find web sites difficult or even impossible to use, mainly because of the way they are designed. We work hard to ensure that information is accessible as possible across all forms of communication, which includes our website.

We are aware of the types of adaptive technology used by people with disabilities and are continually trying to ensure compatibility with as many of these systems as possible. Changes include keeping text clear, formatting layouts and tables, and making sure links adequately describe where they go (‘click here’ does not mean much in isolation).

We endeavour to meet the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) Content Accessibility Guidelines set by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and we aim, wherever possible, to ensure we conform to 'Double-A' standards. We intend to keep improving our accessibility, so if you have any comments please contact us.

Accessibility features

Keyboard shortcuts

For convenience keyboard shortcuts have been included within this website.

To access these shortcuts hold down either the "Alt" key (on a PC) or "Ctrl" key (on a Mac) and the shortcut key listed below:

S = Skip navigation
0 = Accessibility details (this page)
h = Home page
8 = Privacy Policy
9 = Terms and Conditions

Industry standards and compliance

This web size has been tested using the W3C HTML and CSS Validation system.

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