Crisp & Even

Crisp & Even

How to give your roast potatoes that perfect golden crunch this Christmas.

Potatoes may be the most humble of ingredients, but getting them done right can make or break the most elaborate roast. Forget the turkey trimmings or the hours spent constructing the Beef Wellington, if the roasties alongside aren’t perfectly crisp and golden the platter’s a let down.

Blackthorn Sea Salt

Blackthorn Sea Salt Available in 120g & 240g Retail Boxes and 1.4KG Catering Tubs

Great Taste Award

Blackthorn Master Salter Gregorie has lived and breathed salt since day 1 as his family has been involved in all things salt for 5 generations.

By an uncanny twist of fate, just as Ayrshire’s last remaining salt pans were becoming redundant, Gregorie’s great, great grandfather founded his family business. They soon became the UK specialists in all things salt. A helpful background for Gregorie when finally, in 2019, he was able to realise his long-held dream to reignite Scottish salt-making on the Ayrshire coast and Blackthorn Salt was born.

It was not a simple journey though, Gregorie came across the impressive graduation towers in Poland and Germany back in 2007. Although those thorn towers haven’t produced any food salt for over 50 years, Gregorie was inspired by the practicality, naturalness and beauty of the process.

Five Superb Local Cheeses

Five Superb Local Cheeses

Not only some of our favourites, but five of the UK’s best award-winning cheese, all produced within the counties of Kent and Sussex. 

At Maws we’ve built a big part of our business on seeking out and supplying the kind of great local produce that benefits professional catering businesses whose reputations rest on delivering quality. And when it comes to sourcing amazing British cheese, made with craft and care from the finest local ingredients, it’s no exaggeration to say that the south-east of England is going through a true renaissance. 

So we’ve decided to devote this blog to introducing five cheeses from our corner of the world that are some of very favourites. It’s taken far longer to select them than it has to write them up here, but together they represent the amazing diversity of artisan cheese being created here, and individually they all have at least one national or international award to their name…