Terrines by France’s world-leading makers Rougie provide a true slice of luxury. 

Aside from flavour, it could be argued that the beauty of a good terrine is the way in which it spans the culinary spectrum by being satisfyingly rustic and honest yet with and air of elegance and sophistication. 

A well-made terrine has, appropriately enough for a native dish of France, a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’, delivered via the simple but brilliant alchemy of pork fat, game, forcemeat and spices, a taste true of the earth that can be elevated to sublime heights by using the right, high-quality meats alongside a palette of carefully chosen companion ingredients, whether it be fruit, herbs, wild mushrooms or chestnuts, Champagne or Armagnac. 

Perfect as a light lunch, an evening starter, or as part of a buffet, a good terrine makes a welcome addition to any menu, and can be served hot or cold with little more necessary accompaniment than good toast and cornichons or a crisp green salad. 

Taste the difference 

The terrine (a word dating back to the Middle Ages) takes its name from the French earthenware dish in which they are traditionally pressed and cooked. Although often confused with rough pates by the uninitiated, terrines differ from pates in several key ways. Significantly, rather than being of an even consistency like pate (even when coarse), terrines are comprised of both seasoned, minced forcemeat and larger chunks of diced meat. 

Pates and terrines are also cooked differently, with pates ingredients frequently pan-cooked quickly before being blended, while terrines are slowly oven-cooked while resting in the traditional water bath known as a bain marie, helping create a dish that’s both moist and flavourful. 

Say ‘oui’ to Rougie 

The indisputable masters of the art of terrine making are undoubtedly the French, here over the centuries the making of terrines has sublimated from a basic farmhouse method for preserving foodstuffs to a delicate art that combines some of the world’s most expensive and luxurious ingredients, including truffles, cognac and foie-gras, to name just a few. 

Respected amongst terrine connoisseurs from the country with a reputation for making some of the worlds very best, large-scale French producers Rougie have undoubtedly earned an enviable set of credentials over the past 140 years. 

Established in 1875 in Cahors in south-west France (a town famed for its truffles, foie-gras and malbec grapes), by Leonce Rougie, the workshop where their first pates and terrines were made soon became a gathering place for gourmands from around the country. By the 1950s the company where exporting their exclusive products to select fine-dining establishments across five continents, and their reputation as one of France’s flagship food brands was sealed. 

The chosen few 

Today, Maws are proud to offer a handpicked selection of some of Rougie’s best-regarded traditional terrines, including favourites such as Duck & Orange and Chicken Liver, Mediterranean classics like Rabbit & Olive, as well as luxury essentials such as Pheasant & Chanterelle, and Duck & Foie-Gras (25%). 

Rougie’s Duck & Orange Terrine makes a wonderful starter for special occasions like Christmas, delivering that classic pairing of rich duck and pork tempered with zesty orange sealed in citrus jelly. Rougie’s Chicken Liver Terrine is as delicious as it is versatile, making it a staple in the larders of fine dining establishments around the world. Rougie’s Rabbit & Olive Terrine offers a platter of instant Mediterranean warmth, brightening the satisfying. gamey notes of rabbit by studding it through with succulent green olives. Rougie’s Pheasant & Chanterelle Terrine is an autumn favourite, blending the dark warm flavour of wild pheasant with the luscious texture and aroma of chanterelles. It’s a sensation on its own, but even better when served with a spiced chutney of autumnal fruits. As France’s premiere foie-gras producer, Rougie’s Duck& Foie-Gras Terrine could well be regarded as their signature dish, a sumptuous confection sure to bring a slice of luxury to any occasion.

Each Rougie terrine is delicately prepared by a highly experienced professional from the Rougie Sarlat farm, packaged in a transparent terrine with a simple, easily removable plastic cover. This dish can be served cold or hot as a starter or main dish and each terrine will yield approximately 20 easy-to-serve slices, we recommend using a warm knife when slicing to avoid any ridges. 

To find out more about our carefully selected terrines from the Rougie range, call 01580 755390 to talk to our small team of experts.