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Spring Cleaning - And Everyday Hygiene

Maws offer the best products for maintaining the highest standards of health and hygiene in your kitchen. 

We know our catering customers keep their businesses clean and tidy year round, but an extra spring clean never hurts before the onset of warmer weather and the busy summer season. 

As vital as the food you serve is the environment in which it’s prepared. Cleanliness at all times is essential to operating a successful catering concern, and only by using the right products while following commercial kitchen cleaning procedures can you maintain the levels of hygiene required. 

Grease and dirt build up quickly in any busy commercial kitchen or catering environment, covering both surfaces and equipment, and in many instances representing not only a health risk but a fire hazard as well. 

Shiny happy people 

Fortunately Maws provide a comprehensive range of the necessary high-performance cleaning products required to keep your premises gleaming, from glass cleaner to degreaser and everyday staples such as paper towels and hand sanitiser, not to mention the heavy-duty descalants and floor cleaners you need to keep your premises up to spec at the end of every shift. 

As a rule of thumb, health and hygiene inspectors recommend kitchen a cleaning regimen, which at a minimum, includes: 

• Surface and utensils: After each use 

• Ovens: Weekly 

• Sinks: Between uses, and throughout the day with frequent use 

• Fridges and Freezers: Monthly 

• Bins: Weekly 

• Ventilation systems: Every 3 months to 1 year (depending on use) 

Surface tension 

Hard surfaces are common places for bacteria and germs to live. Cracks on any surface can trap food crumbs and excess water, creating the ideal environment for bacteria to thrive in. Use a deep cleansing, sanitizing spray to clean your surfaces, and for a streak-free finish allow the surface to dry naturally in the air, while never applying cleaning products excessively. 

Remember; to use non abrasive scrubbing pads to avoid damaging surfaces, remove all items atop surfaces to ensure cleaning the whole area, allow cleaning sprays to work to their effect leaving them on surfaces for 10 minutes of more, buff surfaces with dry blue roll to remove streaks, and ensure that reusable wipe down items such as dishcloths are washed afterwards at a minimum of 60°C. 

Oven fresh 

When your oven begins to smoke its simply overdue a good clean, and todays oven cleaning products are specially formulated to effectively remove not just built-up residue but the physical effort that a comprehensive oven cleaning used to require when dealing with baked on stains. 

Remember; to ensure good ventilation before applying oven-cleaning products, remove internal shelves to clean separately, loosen any stubborn stains with a blunt utensil (such as a spoon) before applying the cleaning products, once applied preferably leave overnight to properly soak in, and always follow specific instructions on the container. 

From the ground up 

It’s the place most solid and liquid spills end up, yet in a busy catering environment, the floor can often get overlooked. Ensure this is never the case with your concern, as greasy/dirty floors present a hygiene issue and just as importantly in terms of health and safety, a slip hazard. 

Remember; to use a mop for reaching areas in under and around appliances, remove excess layers of grease from floors with dry paper towel before applying cleaning products, never mix degreasing agents with other cleaning products such as bleach, and always wash floors as the final part of your cleaning routine. 

Scroll down our homepage and click on the Hygiene category to view the full range of commercial cleaning products available to your business through Maws.