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Pig Responsibilities

Maws are delighted to supply succulent cooked meats, created by like-minded fellow natives to The Garden of England: Stephen’s Fresh Foods 

Over the years, we’ve established much of our reputation for excellence by sourcing and supplying produce from dedicated local companies here in the heart of Kent. So when we find another company in the county who take their commitment to provenance and quality just as seriously as we do, it’s always an extra pleasure bring their products to our customers. 

They say when it comes curing meat there are only three ingredients; ‘meat, salt and patience’, there are no secrets, there are no shortcuts, and there are few company’s cooking and curing meat in the UK on a commercial scale right now that understand this better that Stephen’s Fine Foods. 

Established in 1974, the company have been perfecting their products over the four decades to deliver the very best pre-cooked hams, turkey and beef, sourcing livestock locally from premium herds and flocks raised in the UK, creating superlative products by listening to the needs of their customers, and both creating and trading them responsibly and ethically. 

Demand For Approval 

Along they way Stephen’s Fine Foods have gained valuable BRC accreditation (a coveted Global Food Safety Initiative standard ascertaining that companies are meeting customer demand while also delivering the highest levels of food safety and quality. They’re also a proud member of Produced in Kent, an exclusive organisation dedicated to championing the counties finest food, drink, products and services, and have even established their own fresh food origin mark: UK OK. 

UK OK is the company’s direct response to ever-increasing customer requests for products made using quality, British-reared meats, yet without the unviable price-tag often attached to livestock and poultry with such provenance. This unique trademark guarantees the origin of the product, and only animals that have been born, raised and butchered in the UK carry this mark that promotes exceptional UK products at a fair price. 

Meat Treated Right 

Ham: Sourced from farms in Lincolnshire, Suffolk, Norfolk, Northern Ireland, Essex and Sussex. Stephen’s UK OK hams are fully traceable through the curing, cooking and packing processes. Bone –in hams are made with their traditional cure, while other mouth-watering varieties includeClassic varieties, including smoked a zesty smoked ham and a honey-baked ham richly basted in local Kentish honey that’s quickly become a best seller. Hams are available whole, half or sliced. 

Turkey: Stephens also supply outstanding poultry products in the form of their whole or sliced turkey breasts. Lightly salt-cured to extend shelf life, these are sourced from Valley Farm in wales, where the Meredith family have been farming them since the 1960s, rearing their Turkeys in spacious open-sided barns set within broad grassy paddocks, to ensure high quality, delicious tasting meat. 

Beef: The company put an equal amount of effort and attention into the production of their beef products: salt beef, pastrami and cooked beef. In every instance the beef is deliciously tender due to careful slow cooking, and UK OK products are made with silverside cuts derived from cattle reared by a single, Essex-based supplier. Prepared table trimmed, all beef products are available as whole or half joints, sliced or shaved. 

Like us, Stephen’s Fine Foods are committed not simply to supplying supplier meat products, but providing a long-term solution to those seeking a reliable and consistent range of cooked meat products known sources, while supporting British farmers at the same time. 

View our online meat section or download our pdf brochure for our full list of products available from Stephen’s Fine Foods