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One Step Beyond

Introducing the amazing range of ‘meatless-meat’ products from pioneering creators Beyond Meat. 

It’s not all that long ago that vegetarianism in the UK was still regarded as unusual, and veganism was considered by many to be almost freakishly extreme. So it’s fair to say that opinions and lifestyles have changed radically in the past few years, and are continuing to do so at such a pace that the crucial tipping point has been reached, as the biggest food retailers begin to realise the significance of catering for the meat-free market. 

Last year Waitrose introduced a dedicated vegan section in more than 130 shops, frozen food specialists Iceland reported sales of its plant-based foodstuffs rising by 10% over the last year, while fast-food giants Burger King and McDonalds and high street chains such as Greggs, all raced to add meatless-meat options to their repertoire. 

Which just goes to show there’s no substitute for a meaty statistic. Over the past two years the proportion of Britons who’ve eaten meat substitutes has risen from under half to almost two-thirds (65%). This goes a long way to explaining why nearly a quarter of all new UK food products launched last year were labelled vegan-friendly, and why analytics company Mintel found sales of meat-free foods had grown 40% to an estimated £816m by the end of 2019. 

Meeting New Demands 

Yet it’s not as though vegetarian, or even vegan, alternatives are something new. The veggie burger has been around since the early 1980s, Quorn (made with protein from fungi) became available in UK shops later that decade, as did the pressed soy-bean curd tofu (made and consumed in China for over 2000 years). 

However, the resurgent interest in today’s leading-edge meat-free product is being generated by a new demographic with a very different set of demands, and the meatless-meat products now on the market have been created with one very important distinction from the bean-burgers of old. That’s because many of today’s products made from plants have been painstakingly created to taste like meat, and are designed specifically for meat-eating customers, to replace some of those customers’ meat purchases. 

With consumers becoming increasingly concerned and aware of the global environmental impact of meat consumption, countries like the UK are currently undergoing a cultural shift which, (rather than instigating a mass conversion to veganism) is simply seeing a more and more making a conscious effort to reduce our meat consumption on a weekly basis. 

The Future And Beyond… 

That’s why Maws are now proud to be offering a full range of meatless meat products from one of the pioneering and most successful producers in the field: Beyond Meat. 

As market leaders, thanks to their superior quality offering, you can already find Beyond Meat’s products in leading global chains such as Subway and KFC, and there’s no doubt this innovative company has massively disrupted the vegan meat game. 

So what’s their secret? Beyond Meat’s delicious products are made with non-GMO (genetically modified organisms), gluten-free pea protein. After the sensational Beyond Burger® launched, the company unleashed the equally delicious Beyond Sausage, both of which Maws are delighted to stock as of today! 

The Beyond Burger® embraces advanced plan-based food technology to create a juicy burger that, cooks and satisfies like beef, while addressing four growing global issues: human health, climate change, constraints on natural resources, and animal welfare. 

No Cow – All Know-How 

Protein, fat, minerals, carbohydrates and water are the five building blocks of meat, but with the right know-how these can just as easily be sourced from plants and cleverly combined to create delicious, mouth-watering, plant-based ‘meats’, as Beyond Meat’s burgers and sausages prove. 

Protein: By using a variety of plant proteins including pea, fava bean, mung bean and brown rice, Beyond Meat products deliver greater or equal levels of protein than their animal-based counterparts. 

Fat: The fats in Beyond Meat products include cocoa butter, sunflower and canola oil, carefully researched and selected to create juicy plant-based burgers, beef, and sausages that sizzle in the pan or on the grill. All with less saturated fat than their animal counterparts. 

Minerals: Calcium, iron, salt and potassium chloride. From taste to function, these minerals deliver the nutrients we expect from meat, with elements such as iron ‘waking up’ our taste buds in the same way red meat does. 

Carbohydrates: The blend of carbohydrates you’ll find in Beyond Meat’s meatless-meat products include potato starch and methylcellulose (plant fiber derivative), which hold other ingredients together, providing the right amount of texture, so you can enjoy every bite. 


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