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Impeccable Pizza

It’s easy to create deliciously authentic pizza with this amazing pre-made dough. 

Here at Maws one of most important continuing objectives is the search to find the new and innovative products that make life more convenient and competitive for our customers, while always providing the gold-standard quality that they’ve come to expect from our ranges. 

As you can imagine this can often be a challenge, so we when we do discover a fantastic new product that we’re certain will become a staple for many of our clients, you can be sure we’re going to shout about it. 

Aces of bases 

Therefore we’re delighted to introduce the fantastic pre-made pizza bases created at Millennium Foods, a company specialising in providing top quality frozen pizza dough and bases so fresh tasting and consistent excellence, you’re customers might just imagine you have your own Italian pizza chef hidden in the wings. 

This family-run business understands that the key to good pizza dough is in the timing of mixing the ingredients, dividing and rounding thus ensuring they capture the quality of fresh yeast and olive oil before the product is frozen. 

Over the last 20 years Millennium Foods have refined a selection of recipes, all using the finest ingredients to ensure the taste and texture is perfect every time – simply by combing premium quality flour, fresh yeast and pure olive oil in the traditional way that ensures the product consistency you can rely on. 

Sumptuous sourdough 

Beyond creating delicious traditional pizza bases, the huge recent resurgence in popularity of the sourdough loaf has inspired the bakers at Millennium Foods to apply the same ancient technique to the creation of as series of sumptuous sourdough bases also available. 

For somewhere in the region of 6000 years, varieties of bread have been made using a “culture” created by allowing wild yeasts and bacteria to inhabit a simple mixture of flour and water. Today this process is known as sourdough, in which a “starter” of combined flour and water is fermented over several days with regular additions of flour and water by the wild yeasts and lactobacilli naturally present in ground grain: this starter is then added to the baker’s dough, which is then left to rise for several hours then baked. 

In the 20th Century this natural process was overtaken by a wish to make bread quickly and more cheaply. However, growing demand to return to the more natural, artisan process of dough production. In response to this surge in popularity for artisanal sourdough breads, Millennium Foods were inspired to apply the same ethos and traditional techniques to create a premium sourdough pizza base. 

Available frozen, this premium product is made using Millennium Foods own special in-house starter, producing a pizza dough with the appetising aroma and light acidic flavour characteristic of the sourdough family. Add little more than a swipe of fresh tomato sauces, olive oil, garlic, buffalo mozzarella or a handful of fresh oregano and rocket and you’re sure to conjure the authentic sun-kissed flavour of Naples. 

Maws are delighted to be offering sourdough and regular pizza doughs from Millennium Foods, produced and delivered in dough ball ranging from 150g – 260g to create deliciously crisp pizzas from 7″- 14” in diameter. 

To discover more and discuss you’re specific requirements why not give our sales team a call on 01580 755390.