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Ice Cream Of The Crop

We’ve got the scoop on this summer’s best ice cream

Its July is national ice-cream month here in the UK, and just for once it looks like we’ve got the weather to make it worth celebrating. Yet no matter whether you’re toasting the rare summer sunshine with a cornet, or enjoying a dollop by a hot pudding in the depths of winter, at Maws we’re prepared to serve up amazing ice cream and sorbets from the best independent producers all year round. 

In fact the positively festive flavours such as Brandy Butter, Cinnamon, and Ginger Spice we supply from one of our favourite ice cream makers, Jude’s, should prove equally delightful during the dark days of December as their tropical coconut and mint choc chip varieties do as they refresh the palate during a particularly parched July.

Freeze fame
Back in 2002, in (believe it or not) a dairy barn, surrounded by the lush green pastures of Hampshire, one man began churning milk from local cows as a hobby and delivering it all the way across the field to the local pub. It was so well received that he decided to name it after his wife, and Jude’s ice-cream was born. That man was Theo Mezger and, fast-forward to today, the ice-cream he once made for fun can now be enjoyed by shoppers at Waitrose and Selfridges, not to mention visitors to any National Trust Property you care to visit. 
 Moreover, in the intervening years, Jude’s has won over 40 Great Taste awards for their innovative seasonal flavours, and been championed by some of Britain’s best know chefs.
At the same time Jude’s have pioneered the introduction of flavours such as salted caramel and gin-and-tonic to the ice-cream world, maintaining a reputation for both quality and innovation while always ensuring that, rather than passing fads, the exciting tastes they create always have what it takes to fresh classics.
Fields of dreams
You’ll find more delicious ice cream, made with the same levels of loving care in the equally bucolic surroundings of Callestic Farm. 
This verdant valley, just a sandwich wafer away from the rugged Cornish coast, has been farmed by the Parker family since the 1950s, and when it comes to ice cream their credentials are mouth-wateringly impeccable.
Not only is Callestic Farm ice-cream made with whole milk from the free-range grass-fed herd that continues to graze the farm, their sumptuous creations are made even richer with the addition of famous Cornish clotted cream, which is also produced using milk from their cows to a recipe handed down through generations.
This delectable difference sets Callestic Farms far away from the herd - even before the addition of other top-notch ingredients from fresh local strawberries, to fine Belgian chocolate.
By now you may rightly think that Callestic Farm is well blessed in terms of nature’s bounty, yet the presence of a natural spring in the valley means they have even been able to create an accompanying range of sorbets made with their own pure clear springwater. This is blended through zesty fruits; blood orange, grapefruit, mango, passion fruit and many more – each providing a delicious alternative for those who can’t quite allow themselves the guilty pleasure of clotted ice cream ice.
So take a look at through our online brochure and (all though we hate to say it) when it comes to finding the perfect ways to enjoy National Ice Cream Month, were pretty sure we’ve got it licked...