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Amazing Meze

We’re delighted to stock mouthwatering meze toppings and pittas from Greek fine food specialists Odysea. 

In countries throughout the Levant, the Near and Middle East, in Greece and even as far as the Balkans, the sharing platters collectively known as meze are more than a culinary tradition, they’re a way of life. 

Diverse yet uniformly delectable, for centuries meze has been integral to the food cultures of this region of the Mediterranean, and in recent years it popularity has soared as western countries around the world finally catch on to the simple pleasures these dishes bring, not just in terms of flavour but also the social enjoyment of partaking collectively in a culinary experience that allows diners to try a little (or a lot) of everything together. 

Unsurprisingly, Turkish cookbook author Ayla Algar’s traces the origins of meze back to one of antiquity’s most socially sophisticated societies, ancient Persia, finding the likely root of the word itself in the Persian term ‘maza’, meaning to taste or relish. 

Meze may be created as small bites ideal for sharing, but it’s wrong to imagine them as a Middle Eastern version of tapas, antipasti or hors d’oeuvre. In Greece, Turkey and the many Arabian countries where this culinary tradition began, the concept of appetiser dishes doesn’t exists – and thus meze are often served as the components of an entire meal, or even banquet. 

Begin your meze adventure with Odysea 

As of summer 2017, Maws are delighted to offer a host of mouthwatering meze supplied by Greek fine food specialists Odysea. 

Having begun life as an olive stall on the Portobello Road, in little more than a quarter century Odysea have grown to become one of the leading suppliers of authentic Greek foods in the UK, expanding organically to meet the ever-increasing demand for their quality produce from both the catering industry and the public at large. 

Aside from delicious Greek staples such as tzattziki, houmous, taramasolata, and pitta breads, instrumental in establishing Odysea’s reputation for excellence has been its range of meze options, which we’re also now delighted to stock. 

Odysea Kalamata Olive Meze is a delicious mix of the essential Greek olives delicately blended with garlic and capers. 

Combining sweet roasted peppers and the tang of salty cheese, Odysea Red Pepper & Feta Meze, based on the traditional Greek dip htipiti, is bursting with flavour. 

Odysea Aubergine Meze is simple and delicious, a combination of two quality ingredients; flame roasted aubergine and Greek extra virgin olive oil. 

Odysea Harrisa Meze derives its fiery flavour from the traditional paste of chilli pepper and spices. A lively addition to any meze platter, this meze dip is also a recipient of a Great Taste Award from the highly respected Guild of Fine Foods.

Odysea’s top-quality meze options provide culinary proof that caring is all about sharing – another award-winning food producer we’re proud to stock at Maws.