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2018 Superfood Trends

2018’s new super-foods list includes a host of products and ingredients stocked by Maws. Stay at the head of the health curve by incorporating them into this winter’s menu. 

By mid-January the health and fitness regimens many of us embarked on enthusiastically at the start of the year are begin to flag. Yet for all of us, including those already sick of jogging in the dark or regretting the gym membership fee, 2018’s super-food trends offer the low impact solution for a healthy new year and you’ll find a host of them already in our product catalogue, so why not take a closer look at some of or favourites below. 

1: Cacao 

Having first established our business by supplying the finest confectionary ingredients to renowned patisserie chefs and chocolatiers, we’ve always been convinced of the benefits of a bit of top quality chocolate now and then, and it seems that in recent years the world’s scientists and dieticians have finally caught up. 

However for chocolate to provide clear health benefits you need to ditch the over-sweetened artificial stuff and focus on pure cacao content. 

Cacoa is essentially chocolate in its raw unprocessed form, without the added milk, sugar and fat we’ve got used to. Removed from these additives the health benefits of pure, bitter cacao are huge, essentially due to its ridiculously high antioxidant level which, alongside vitamins and minerals (such as magnesium) contained within, help maintain a healthy cardiovascular system - lowering blood pressure, cholesterol, and the plaque that can build up on artery walls. 

Maws stock OCG Cacoa Plain Bitter 72% Chocolate Pistoles 

2: Turmeric 

‘Poor man’s saffron’, a ‘curry-house colour-additive’, this ancient, vibrant yellow spice, made from the rhizomes of a herbaceous cousin of the ginger plant has been accepted as staple of Indian cuisine for centuries, but long overlooked for it’s health-giving properties. 

Until now that is. The main active component identified in turmeric is curcumin, a strong antioxidant which helps slow the signs of ageing and the cellular damage associated with cancers. It’s also a powerful anti-inflammatory, reducing chronic inflammation that can be a common catalyst for cardiovascular disease, hypertension and other degenerative diseases – in fact recent studies have indicated it may even help combat dementia. 

Maws stock Ground Turmeric (500g packs) 

3: Elderflower 

If we’ve recently wised up about elderflower then it’s only to reaffirming the esteem it was held in as a herbal medicine centuries ago. Elderflower has long been regarded for its exceptional antiviral properties, and used to prevent everything from swollen sinuses and influenza to diabetes and constipation. 

This diverse range of applications is thanks to the fact that elderflower contains both anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, which together are also believed to help alleviate allergy symptoms and boost the immune system. 

Maws stock Belvedere Elderflower Cordial (50cl bottles), Kingsdown Sparkling Elderflower (24x330ml packs), Organic Elderflower Cans (24x330ml packs)and Callestick Farm Elderflower Sorbet (2ltr tubs) 

4. Nut Oils 

More ‘staying at the top of the charts’ than a brand new super-food revelation, nut oils go from strength to strength as further health benefits keep being discovered. In recent years nut oils really have become the super-food cooking essential, with cold-pressed walnut and hazelnut oils now replacing more traditional olive and sunflower oils in numerous kitchens. 

Collectively, nut oils typically contain less damaging trans-fats, individually the benefits of walnut oil is primarily the high concentration of alpha-linolenic acid (an omega-3 fatty acid) that helps lower risk of heart disease. Hazelnut oil is admired as a great source of vitamin E and B, and a type of mono-unsaturated fat called “oleic acid” that is thought to help lower cholesterol levels. Likewise peanut oil is also a rich source of antioxidant vitamin E and cholesterol reducing phytosterols, while latest favourite coconut oil comes with the advantage of converting unhealthy LDL cholesterols into lipoprotein, the so-called ‘good cholesterol’ that removes harmful ones from the bloodstream. 

Maws stock Walnut Oil, Hazelnut Oil, Coconut Oil in 500ml bottles, and Peanut Oil in 580ml bottles